Rabu, 21 Oktober 2015

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia

MOtorsatria PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia as the official car manufacturers Kawasaki motorcycle brand launched one of its flagship products, namely Kawasaki motorcycle D TRACKER 150. This event takes place on Monday, August 3, 2015. This new motor complements the range of superior products other type of trail that is also produced by Kawasaki. In line with the market segmentation of this motor, PT KMI hopes to meet the expectations and desires of consumers especially big fan D tracker. In addition to the launch of new products for 2015, PT KMI also announced the price of D TRACKER 150. Kawasaki announced price commensurate with the specifications and features that are offered by this new model. In short, the trail-type motors provide refreshment and renewal at the right time.

D tracker still carry the 2015 version of the 150 cc engine as the kitchen spur. Despite having the same engine capacity, type of bike trail that was recently launched is capable of removing more gahar power than the old version. In addition to the new engine, the look of this bike also has the addition of special features. Overall, Kawasaki still maintain the shape and the basic model Kawasaki D TRACKER 150. It is intended that the new and old customers continue to have a soul D tracker promoted by the motor. In addition, Kawasaki does not change the segmentation of the D tracker. Old and new consumers still remain included in the same group. Therefore, the capacity of the engine and the basic shape has not changed. The following reviews the specifications and Price Kawasaki D Tracker 150 which we summarize as completely as possible from the review of the engine, frame, appearance and price.

The most striking feature of version 2015 is the size of the wheels. Kawasaki D TRACKER using the latest 150 rims 17. Unlike the previous generation that still use wheels 14. This change is very striking, and a differentiator between the two models of D tracker. In addition, the manufacturer put the handle bars or handlebars higher in the latest version. The purpose of elevating the handlebars is that the rider feels comfortable when driving. Two it became one of the factors that influence the price change Kawasaki D TRACKER 150 against the old model. However, do not worry because the price paid commensurate with the facilities to be obtained.

The next is the headlights. Model 2015 uses a new lamp cover that makes it more gahar. Kawasaki specially designed for light Kawasaki D Tracker 150. The shape of the light generation of the second motor is like an inverted triangle so it seemed like a supermoto. The rear of the motor there is a larger muffler and a new tailgate from the previous version. Such changes add to the aura of fresh and trendy. There are two variants for the latest generation, which is the standard and special edition. Both have the same engine and the design of a special edition contained only the engine cover. Moreover Another difference is the availability of a different color. However, 90% of its components is no different.

In addition to the change of wheels, handlebars, tailgate, and a muffler that affect the price of Kawasaki D TRACKER 150, the dashboard also little changed. The dashboard panel consists of two parts, the left and right. Kawasaki retaining these components for the convenience of motorists. Simple but stylish form the basis of the panels in Kawasaki D TRACKER 150. The left side contains the main lights and turn signal indicator and neutral gear indicator. While there is a right side panel analog speedometer and tripmeter. It appears that the second part of this panel apart form clusters. By doing so, the driver can read and translate easily any indicators listed in the dashboard of the motor. In other words, comfort and security are the first thing prioritized by Kawasaki.

Next is the framework Kawasaki 150 D TRACKER new version looks more handsome and tall. In addition to the handle bars that have been described previously, the size of the legs is also greater. Although seem higher, the motor frame is still the same as the previous generation. Kawasaki retaining frame size of 2,015 x 830 x 1,130 mm. The direct effect of the fixed frame and legs change is the addition of the weight of the motor. Weight motorcycle to around 118 kg. So whether the addition of these interfere with the rider? The answer is no. Motor became more comfortable ride. High motor according to the average Indonesian people so that changes that occur very profitable. Higher handlebars for ease of controlling the motor speed in the maneuver.

Another part of the frame of the bike is the fuel tank. Kawasaki D TRACKER 150 has a 7-liter tank capacity. The next part is the suspension changes. The front suspension is the latest motorcycle-type inverted fork. This system has several advantages of inverted version of the fork in the first generation. One advantage is that the motor to be more comfortable when driving on steep or rocky road. As for the rear, the suspension used is the type of uni-trak. This supports the front suspension and also add when maneuvering with extreme ease. Of the two new suspension, it can be seen that the Kawasaki D TRACKER 150 price offered is very reasonable. motor satria f15o

Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

Summarecon Bekasi

 Everyone needs a place or residence which is safe and comfortable. Obviously, the shelter is supported by a wide range of supporting facilities to make it easier to do all activities. Therefore, modern residences are equipped a variety of support facilities and the commercial centre became the dream of everyone.

Furthermore, many companies eventually property developers vying to provide facilities within easy reach in the region. Various advantages in a residential area made as attractive as possible to attract the attention of customers. Summarecon Bekasi In some large cities, particularly in the area of Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) built many different forms of dwelling, from regular classes to the class. One of the classy modern residence has been built was in Bekasi, West Java. And it is this city built on modern named Summarecon Bekasi.

 The city of Bekasi Summarecon was built on land covering an area of 240 ha is designed as a compact city as an icon of modern dwelling with a beautiful environment, the leading commercial center, and features a variety of facilities the city scale.

That is why Summarecon often referred to as the city of Bekasi Summarecon. What's interesting is composition of spatial regions are integrated and integrated. Furthermore, the city of Bekasi Summarecon masterplan, consisting of: the Commercial zone is the Center Summarecon Bekasi (Mall, Shop Houses, Office Park, Hotel), Trade Center, Modern Fresh Market, Automotive Center, Financial Center, and Building Materials Center. If we view from the side of a Residential zone, then we will find various types of modern dwelling cluster and thematic equipped facilities, such as: club house with swimming pool and means converged.

Ranging from housing, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums offered for pampering the occupants in accordance with his tastes and budget. The area of the apartment has to offer such as: The SpringLake View overlooking the Lake and some type of residence is the very interesting and memorable modern, like: Bluebell Residence, Lotus Lakeside Residence and others. Everything is built to give you the comfort of its occupants.

Summarecon Bekasi is one of the modern residential location within easy reach from various directions. Its location is just 3 km from the toll Gate West Bekasi (km 12)-Jakarta-Cikampek toll road. Moreover, access to the town of Bekasi Summarecon is easy to reach with a line width as well as close to the location of the construction of the monorail and the Becakayu highway coming soon.

Of particular interest is the city of Bekasi Summarecon very close and connected with a railway station that serves the transportation of Bekasi Jabodetabek and outside the city. Therefore, the use of modes of Commuter Line from Singapore to Jakarta's Sudirman CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT can be reached within 25 minutes by comfortable and fast.